RHS Online Sign Up / Services Agreement

Please agree to the following Terms and Conditions in exchange for access to the RHS Online Services :
  1. I use the Online Services at the pleasure of The Robertson Heating Supply Co. (RHS) and will cease to use them when RHS asks me to.
  2. I will not Copy, Reverse Engineer or otherwise disassemble the Services or related Software.
  3. I will not allow anyone other than designated users from the Business Entity I represent to use the Services or Software. I will not authorize them to Copy, Reverse Engineer or Disassemble said Services or related Software.
  4. I will promptly destroy any copies of RHS provided Software along with Passwords or other identifying information from any computer attached to my Network(s) should I no longer elect to use the Services or related Software provided by RHS as part of this Agreement.
  5. I will not make available to RHS Competitors or any other Business Entities or Individuals any Login or Password(s) which the Business Entity I represent uses to access Services provided by RHS.
  6. I hereby certify that I am able to enter into binding legal agreements on behalf of the Business Entity I represent.
  7. I allow RHS to collect data on it's website and app as outlined in the RHS privacy policy
I agree to these terms and conditions